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Crossing the Line: The brand-new, 2011, report on the current state of Sexual Harassment in U.S. schools. Accessible and easy to read, this report is a must-read for ALL parents.


Parents: Violence Prevention Allies. Check out this new publication full of resources for you to make the best of your time with your child to make her or his life as violence-free as possible!


How to Deal with Gender Stereotypes in the Digital Age – explains why gender portrayals are so important, and how parents can help children and teens learn to interpret them.


Online Trainings:

Veto Violence: Online training about how to prevent violence BEFORE it’s attempted.

WCSAP of Washington State: High quality webinars about a variety of topics related to sexual assault prevention and response.

7 Mistakes Parents Make when Talking to their Kids about Dating, an interview with Mike Domitrz.

Culture and Violence Against Women: a webinar from CALCASA in California.

Changing Social Norms About Masculinity: a webinar from CALCASA in California.

NSVRC: National webinars and information about sexual violence and violence prevention.

Choose Respect: Talk to Teens about Healthy Relationships.

Principals of Prevention: a training from the Centers for Disease Control.

Stop it Now: Trainings for Adults to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


Informative Websites:

Common Sense Media: Continually up-to-date resource for parents and teachers – everything about media and your child/teen.

NSVRC: A Parent’s Guide to Sexual Violence Prevention

Start Strong: Resources for parents to start early teaching their children skills for healthy relationships.

Research shows that Teen Sexting is linked to many negative psychological outcomes.

Enough is Enough: Statistics about online sexual abuse, solicitation, and pornography targeted at teens and children.

Love is Not Abuse: Information about Teen Dating Violence

Advocates for Youth: Data that reveals why youth often do not bring up sexuality with their parents, and how parents can help.

Radical Parenting: Online resource where the teen perspective is shared so that parents can improve their parenting skills

Internet Safety 101: Response to cyber bullying

Living Life Online: Federal Resource for youth about safe use of technology


(Scholarly) Articles:

Free Online:

Boys Who Bully May Grow Up To Abuse Women: Harvard School of Public Health.

“Hooking Up” and Hanging Out: Casual Sexual Behavior Among Adolescents and Young Adults Today, by Christy Daniel and Kate Fogarty.

Much Ado about Sexting: A report from the Department of Justice.

Using Rapist Risk Factors to Set an Agenda for Rape Prevention: A meta-analysis of sexual offenders, by Raymond A. Knight and Judith Sims-Knight with contributions from Suzanne Brown-McBride (September 2009).

Pornography and Sexual Violence: A review of the connection, by Robert Jensen.

Purchasable online: (abstracts available through links)

Comparing the Impact of Bullying and Sexual Harassment Victimization on the Mental and Physical Health of Adolescents. James E. Gruber & Susan Fineran

The Impact of Bullying and Sexual Harassment on Middle and High School Girls. James E. Gruber and Susan Fineran

Oppression Through Acceptance? : Predicting Rape Myth Acceptance and Attitudes Toward Rape Victims. Jericho M. Hockett, Donald A. Saucier, Bethany H. Hoffman, Sara J. Smith and Adam W. Craig

Badgering or Bantering?: Gender Differences in Experience of, and Reactions to, Sexual Harassment among U.S. High School Students. Jeanne Z. Hand and Laura Sanchez

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