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Volunteer Applications are Open!

Interested in taking calls on our 24/7 hotline, providing support at the ER, or conducting community outreach? We are accepting volunteer applications for our fall 40-hour crisis services training! Volunteers play a vital role in SARA’s mission to educate our community and assist and empower people who have experienced sexual violence. Volunteer opportunities include:

Hotline Volunteers:

The SARA Hotline operates 24/7 and serves as an immediate response to survivors of sexual assault and their loved ones at the time the support is needed. No matter how long ago the assault occurred, the SARA hotline provides brief crisis intervention. Hotline volunteers help provide callers with appropriate referrals and resources to empower callers to make their own choices and conduct their own healing process. 

Apply to Be a SARA Hotline Volunteer!


Community Outreach Volunteers:

Community Outreach Volunteers organize and participate in community awareness events and projects. As a Community Outreach Volunteer, you will team up with other people in our community who care about making positive change, and interact with community members at events, while also providing the necessary support for these events and projects to take place.

 Apply to Be a Community Outreach Volunteer!


Each volunteer opportunity requires training. Hotline volunteers are required to attend our 40-hour crisis services training and outreach volunteers are required to attend a 2-hour outreach training. However, all are welcome at our 40-hour training regardless of which volunteer opportunity you choose to purse.


Here are some things that folks have said about volunteering at SARA and the 40-hour training:

“Volunteering on the SARA hotline has been an incredible enriching experience. The training process is extremely informative and rewarding and the support system and community at SARA is truly unique. If you get a difficult call, or just need to talk to someone, SARA is full of people eager to listen and help.”

 “I really enjoy volunteering for SARA because I can have a direct impact on survivor’s lives. Because we are a local organization, I can provide tangible help by connecting survivors with our resources or other nearby organizations. With the added factor of convenience (we all take our calls from home) working for SARA has been and continues to be a great experience”

 “The training for the hotline volunteers was both thorough and thoughtful. The readings and reflections prepared me to not only support survivors and provide resources, but also to practice self-care to make sure that I would be able to support myself through this process. I knew that I would not be asked to take hotline calls until I was ready and that SARA would spend time answering my questions until I was ready.”



Upcoming Events

Louisa IAC
Dec 09 2021 - Dec 09 2021
09:30AM - 11:00AM
SART Meeting
Dec 16 2021 - Dec 16 2021
12:00PM - 02:30PM
Nelson IAC
Dec 20 2021 - Dec 20 2021
02:00PM - 03:30PM
Greene IAP
Dec 27 2021 - Dec 27 2021
10:00AM - 12:30PM
Fluvanna IAC Meeting
Jan 06 2022 - Jan 06 2022
09:30AM - 11:00AM

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The mission of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) is to eliminate sexual violence and its impact by providing education, advocacy and support to men, women and children. Our vision is a community free from sexual violence.

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