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Ask a Teen Health Educator

To provide you with the best answers to the following questions, we interviewed two local health workers whose focus is on teens.

In Part 1 of our interviews with local Teen Health Educators, Mary and Keiana, we asked:

If parents talk to their kids about sex, is it more likely that they will experiment, or will it equip them with tools to make healthy decisions? 

In Part 2, Mary and Keiana answer the question:

What do we need to talk to our children about? How do we talk to pre-teens and adolescents about sexuality and dating?

In Part 3, we asked:

What boundaries should we help our children develop at home? How can we take special care when it comes to raising boys?

Ask a Mental Health Practitioner

In this series, we spoke with two Nelson County Region Ten Mental Health Practitioners to get their professional input on some important parenting questions.

In Part 1, they answer the question:

How do I make sure my pre-teen or teen is using the internet safely?

In Part 2, they answer the question:

How can I get connected and stay connected to my child as he or she enters adolescence?

In Part 3, they answer:

What should I do if my child witnessed an incident of sexual harassment at school? What if another parent claims my child hurt their child? How can I deal with all the stress in life and still be a good parent?

Ask a Nurse: What to Expect during Child Development

We spoke with Nelson County Nurse Jeanne Parrish to find out what sexual health development is normal for ages 1 through 12.

Ages 1-5: http://youtu.be/I4WoHvS5paM

Ages 6-9: http://youtu.be/PY7IGeZwME4

Ages 8-12: http://youtu.be/SVmK-5LR1Lk

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The mission of the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA) is to eliminate sexual violence and its impact by providing education, advocacy and support to men, women and children. Our vision is a community free from sexual violence.

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