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Emergency Room Accompaniment

SARA staff members are on call 24 hours every day of the year to accompany sexual assault survivors in the UVA Emergency Room. ER Advocates offer support to the survivor, help to address urgent needs, and ensure that survivors understand their rights and their options.

Medical care can be an important first step following an incident of sexual violence. Treatment for injuries that resulted from the violence and protection from some sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy can be offered when needed. Survivors do not have to report to the police in order to receive medical care following an assault.

In addition, survivors who may want to undergo a Forensic Examination (PERK Exam) to collect physical evidence from the attack can do so at the hospital within 120 hours of the assault. In the Central Virginia area, survivors must go to the UVA ER to have a PERK Exam. It is the only hospital in the area with the specially trained nurses that provide the exam. Augusta County Medical Center and VCU Medical Center also offer PERK Exams if those locations are more convenient to you. PERK Exams and prophylactic protection against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy are provided at the hospital at no cost to the survivor.

If you have specific questions about seeking medical care after a sexual assault, please call our office during business hours at 434-295-7273 or our Hotline after business hours at 434-977-7273.


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